Clinique Dentaire Bennani
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Our prices

Dental implant fee

  • French implant BIOTECH CONTAKT : 500 €
  • Screwed pillar BIOTECH CONTAKT : 200 €

Dental prosthesis price list

  • Immediate setting (fixed temporary screw-retained prosthesis) per arch: 200 €
  • EMAX Zirconia Crown : 400 €
  • Inlay/Onlay : 200 €
  • Removable temporary prosthesis : 400 €
  • Veneers : 400 €

Dental Surgery Tariff

  • Simple extraction : from 20€
  • ZOOM professional whitening : from 400 €;

Frequently asked questions about treatments and their prices :

Through our years of experience in the treatment of foreign patients, we have been led to anticipate your questions, especially that of the analysis of the estimate with its prices.


The prices of a product (implant, crown) or a treatment include the ancillary procedures included in our prices.

For an extraction, for example, the price includes the extraction itself, the preparation of the material by the assistant, local anesthesia, the "cleaning" of the infected tissues of the bone (curettage) and the gums after extraction, the placement of sutures, the storage of the material and its sterilization by the dentist's assistant.

The price of 20€ for a simple extraction includes everything, there are no hidden costs.

Is VALUE ADDED TAX included in our prices?

Our profession is not subject to VAT, it is the same throughout Europe.

Why is that? Because medicine is not a commercial activity.

Therefore, the prices indicated are net cost.